No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults Sneaker(buy 5 pairs get 5 pairs free)

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  • OFFER: BUY 5 PAIRS GET 5 PAIRS FREE WITH FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE(minimal order quantity 5 pairs , please choose your favorite colors and quantity total 10 pairs )
  • SAVE YOUR TIME: Turn all your lace-up shoes into slip-on sneakers. With this no tie shoelaces, you don't need to worry about the laces getting loose again, and these wonderful elastic shoe laces will save you the trouble of tying so that you can spend more time on other meaningful things.
  • STEP IN AND GO: Step inside your elastic-laced shoes, wiggle your feet to get comfy. Then you can tighten them with the simple slide of shoelaces lock, and adjust tightness as you want. Say goodbye to tying shoes, only fit and comfortable.
  • GREAT AS A GIFT : Great gift from parents, to cultivate their children's independence. Since traditional laces can get untied easily, causing kids to trip and fall. End caps will keep the trimmed laces in place all the time, and protect them from fraying. Try it! You’ll never go back to traditional shoelaces.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL (KIDS & ADULTS): 120cm (47in) high-quality elastic laces, long enough for any lace-up shoes, also can be trimmed to desired length with scissors. Perfectly designed for anyone, runners who want to speed up and athletes to boost their game, also those who suffers from arthritis or other disabilities. These shoelaces can work on boots, work shoes, tennis shoes, sneakers, casual shoes or any other shoes you have.
  • REMOVABLE TO USE AGAIN: We all value reuse operation. Leave some extra laces before trimming, which will benefit a lot if you decide to try them on another pairs of shoes, or the stretch was simply too much. The best way to open the cord clips is to use a flat head screwdriver, and apply light pressure in between the opening at the top of it with the screwdriver until it pops open.

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