Pro Ceramic Curler

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No More Cables, No Skills Required, No More Heavy Curling Irons,

Curl your hair anywhere, in a few seconds!

❤ Easy to use Say Goodbye to your traditional hair iron and to your curling stick! No need to worry anymore about finding a nearby plug for your curler. Curly is ultra simple to use and it takes a few seconds to get used to using it. 

❤ Two-Way Rotation Technology - simply change the curling direction (left or right) on the LCD Screen, place a segment of your hair in the barrel and let Curly do the job! 


❤ USB Cable Provided less than two hours to fully charge your Curly. 

 Ionic Ceramic Technology - Curly is made of professional ceramic tourmaline which produces negative ions to seal moisture and softens your hair, protecting each of your cuticles while eliminating frizz and static electricity.

❤ Large LCD Screen, Personalized Temperature & Timer Settings - adjustable temperature (150-200°), curling power and timer (8-18 seconds) on the LCD Screen. 

❤ Comb, USB Cable, Carry Pouch - Your Curly includes a USB cable, a comb, a carry pouch and much more. 

❤ 30-Day Return Policy - Our Curly comes with a 30-Day Return Policy. Simply get in touch with us and we will send you a new one!

A Few Simple Steps to Use Your Curly: 

1. Hold down the power button until the screen turns on. You can use the power button and the arrow to adjust to your desired settings.

The screen will then show you many different possible settings you can choose from. We suggest playing around with the endless possibilities of settings until you work out what works for you best! You can set up the timer, temperature and curling direction. 

2. Place a segment of hair in the barrel then press and hold down the oval Start button until your hear the beeping. 

TIP: To obtain a natural wavy curls effect, simply place your hair in the barrel starting from the mid section of your hair, the further away possible from your roots!

3. Once the beeping starts and you have heard three beeps, let go of the oval Start Button and pull your hair from your Curly's barrel!

TIP: Your hair can be removed at anytime, even during the process of heating and curling! There is no risk of it getting caught up inside the barrel.

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