TinyTrim™ - Baby Nailcare Kit

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The right way to cut your baby’s nails

TinyTrim gives parents a solution to the dangers of ordinary nail clippers! It’s specifically designed to trim and polish nails in a quick and painless manner so no one cries during trimming.

Its motor is so quiet you can even use it while your toddler is sleeping. Using it holds no danger to your child’s delicate fingers, without noise or pain the next trim will go calmly.

TinyTrim has multiple settings, all of which ease up the trimming process to make the work easy, quick and most of all painless! The next trim won’t end in a cry!

Why TinyTrim is for you

A painless solution- Unlike ordinary nail clippers TinyTrim won't damage cuticles or soft nail beds, making trimming no longer painful or scary.

No tears, no screams- Trimming the nails no longer will end in cries and screams! Gentle, quiet and covert, your toddler won’t even feel the trimming.

Covert precision- TinyTrim has 3 cushioned sandpapers and adjustable speed settings to trim and polish the nails in the most delicate way!

TinyTrim is the ultimate choice- Trimming your baby’s nails will no longer be a struggle but a calm experience for both sides!

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